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Dear Barky Dogz

Riikka is a Finnish Lapphund with a long, thick coat. Winter on the North Coast involves plenty of rain and mud.
A trip to BarkyDogz Bath House is all Riikka needs to be back to show dogs standards.
She returns smelling clean and fresh with a luxurious coat of fur that maintains its luster until she sneaks outside again for a run in the mud. Rinse and Repeat! We wouldn't have a soft clean dog without BarkyDogs shampoo and spritz.

Claire Y.
Ferndale, CA


Dear BarkyDogz

  I was pretty shocked when Nessie couldn't get enough of the BarkyDogz Peanut Butter Bites since she was being very picky on what she would eat. I had been in search of something that I could use as an incentive to get her to listen to my sit/stay commands, and these treats where just the incentive she needed. i especially loved the fact that BarkyDogz treats are organic and don't contain anything that would harm my dog, especially since she was eating lots of them, I even found that my cat Sandy also liked the taste so I'd cut up a few pieces so she could enjoy some too. I'm glad that in a world where cats and dogs don't always get along, a delicious little peanut butter treat can bring them together even if it is for a few seconds while they eat their treats side by side :).

Blana N., Mom of Nessie, Sandy & Kourtney
Houston, TX

Cute Dog

Dear BarkyDogz

Thanks so much for the amazing grooming products and treats! I feel so clean and beautiful after my bath and I love my new custom made collar bandana!! You are the BEST!!

Love Lizzy
New Jersey


Dear BarkyDogz

My name is Bella. My Golden Retriever sister, Nugget and I LoVe BarkyDogz Peanut Butter bites!! We go outside, do our business and turn back in to patiently wait for our treats!! Thanks so much for making these yummy snacks for us!!

Love Bella & Nugget
Jacksonville, Florida