BarkyDogz is your source for eco-friendly pet shampoo, organic pet treats and accessories!

Shampoos and Spritzes
Our BarkyDogz brand Eco-Friendly Shampoo and after-bath spritzes are made with all natural ingredients and certified organic essential oils that are effective and safe for your pets – even those with hotspots and skin allergies. Essential oils and extracts include:

• Tea Tree • Lemongrass • Neem • Peppermint
• Chamomile • Cedar • Citronella • Calendula
• Lavender • Sage • Alfalfa • Orange
• Arnica • Milkthistle • Thyme • Lemon Eucalyptus

Kitty with Toy

Spritz Fragrances smell just like their names: Cedar & Sunshine and Pepper & Spice. Both products include an essential oil that aids in repelling fleas while smelling great and lasting up to 7 days!

BarkyDogz Shampoo's long lasting effects will keep your dog smelling clean and flea resistant. Blow dry or refresh between baths with our aromatic spritzes.


BarkyDogz stocks a variety of handmade treats for your pet. For pups, we have Peanut Butter Bites,  Apple Banana Treats (birds and bunnies enjoy these too). A favorite of pets and owners is Hello Mellow, an anti-anxiety blend that dogs love. Hello Mellow includes antioxidants and a natural dewormer along with ingredients designed to ease your anxious pet.

 For kitties, we have a fresh baked Fun Kitty Turkey Treats with natural breath fresheners!

Fun Kitty Stuff

Try our Fun Kitty Toy made with two types of fresh organic catnip securely sewn in burlap and tulle, tied with a long string and a bell. You'll want your camera out for this one for sure!

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