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Barky Dogz Bath House

Pitbull Licking his Lips

Pamper your pets at BarkyDogz Bath House & Boutique. We offer Do It Yourself and Full Service pet bathing and grooming. With our state of the art stainless steel walk up grooming tubs, bathing your pet becomes a breeze!

Here's how it works:

With the Do It Yourself option we provide the tub, towel, apron, shampoo and 20 minutes in the cage dryer.

With the full Service option we shampoo twice, clean ears, blueberry facial, blow dry or cage dry and brush out.

At BarkyDogz Bath House & Boutique we use our own exclusively formulated BarkyDogz Eco-Friendly Pet Shampoo made with all natural ingredients. Ingredients include certified organic essential oils & extracts that help to repel fleas and ticks, soothes the skin while conditioning the fur.

Our shampoo works great for dogs with skin allergies, skin sensitivities and hot spots. BarkyDogz shampoo lathers up quick, rinses out easily and leaves your pets coat super soft & shiny!  

To please your pooch and cater to your kitty please visit our in store boutique retail section.

We have a full range of natural pet products from eco-friendly pet shampoo to organic treats, toys & apparel  We supply everything you need to keep your dog or cat happy and clean with natural & organic ingredients without harsh chemicals or skin irritants.

Contact us for more information about our Eco-Friendly Pet Shampoo

Cute Pitbull Puppy

Pricing and Gallery


Self Service

$15 - Small & Medium dogs
$20 - Large dogs

Full Service Bath Only

Small - $17 & up
Medium $25 & up
Large $35 & up

Full Service Grooming 

Small $40 & up
Medium $55 & up
Large $70 & up

Ala Carte

Furminator time 10 min for $10
Nail trim - $12
A-Gland Expression -  $15
Toothbrushing - $8


Bathing starts at $35
Shaving starts at $65 
Price increases are based on condition
of fur and temperament of cat.

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